Evidence-based value and access strategies

Case Study: Pricing & Contracting Strategy & Modeling

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Compass developed an extensive launch pricing and contracting strategy with partner company Bell Falla using integrated modeling results from payers, physicians, and patients

Client requested a pricing and contracting strategy for a new product to ensure launch success as a critical successor to an already accomplished product line

Key Objective:
Develop an evidence-based integrated pricing and contracting strategy and assist in communicating the strategy across and up the organization


  • Integrated qualitative-quantitative research with 45 payers, 325 physicians, and 425 patients, minimizing the use of arbitrary discounting factors
  • The net revenue simulator was customized to include variable clinical and economic parameters and accounted for changing competitive scenarios


  • Product exceeded unrestricted access goals for commercial and Medicare lives within 6 months of launch, as quoted by senior management in investor calls
  • Compass was awarded a launch segmentation of managed care payers to further refine contracting recommendations using payer characteristics and likely launch access
  • Subsequently, a project to update the contracting strategy was awarded to Compass
  • Compass was also awarded the launch pricing and contracting research and strategy for other internally developed assets
Sample Deliverable
The pricing and contracting strategy was developed in a collaborative process with the client, communicating within the organization at key points to ensure alignment and subsequent acceptance