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Principals: Maximilian Vargas

maximilian-vargasMaximilian Vargas, PhD, MBA
Vice President, Consulting Strategy and Account Management

Max joined Compass in June 2012 bringing both scientific training and experience in healthcare product development that are important for evidence-based strategies for pipeline products.

After graduating from Wesleyan University, Max completed his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Connecticut Health Center, where his work focused on the molecular architecture and assembly of transient protein signaling complexes in skeletal and cardiac muscle. Max and collaborators then worked to define a novel clinical target that prevented the expression of genes involved in the development of heart disease.

During his doctoral work, Max worked as a subject matter expert for the CT Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation where he led teams that developed strategic plans for early stage life science companies. These plans touched all aspects of life science product development, from proof of concept and prototype design all the way through clinical trials and regulatory and reimbursement strategies.

Max also holds an MBA focused on Healthcare Policy and Management from University of Connecticut.

Max is leading engagements in later stage and launched products and strategies to address systematic changes in health systems.


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SM_maximilian-vargasMaximilian Vargas, PhD, MBA
VP, Consulting Strategy and Account Management

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