Evidence-based value and access strategies

Case Study: Market Segmentation

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For a new division within a large pharma company, Compass provided a strategic segmentation of the at-risk provider market

Client requested a strategic segmentation of accountable care organizations and other at-risk provider entities

Key Objective:
Develop a segmentation of ACOs, integrated delivery networks and patient centered medical homes that aimed to inform a new division of account managers of organizations and areas where the greatest opportunities for success reside

In-depth interviews with 59 ACO decision-makers, both payers and providers


  • Metrics and levels were developed from the research aligning to level of opportunity
  • Since the ACO market continues to evolve rapidly, a dashboard was encoded into reporting software so the account managers can keep the segments current based on field intelligence
  • A strategic market access plan was awarded as a result of this work
Sample Deliverables
Compass surveyed a wide breadth of at-risk provider organizations on their priorities, challenges, and strategic imperatives