Evidence-based value and access strategies

Case Study: Indication Prioritization

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Compass conducted an assessment of product concepts in dermatology to guide a pharma company in prioritizing their portfolio

A pharma client requested evidence-based priorities and target product profile characteristics to guide the priorities for their dermatology portfolio

Key Objective:
Provide a solid rationale for prioritization of dermatology product concepts in development through an assessment of clinical and economic attributes, price ranges and access

In-depth interviews with ten US commercial and Medicare payers


  • Identified efficacy / safety endpoints and additional economic data that would drive value to payers
  • Comprehensive assessment of each product concept by payers
  • Defined a price range for each product concept and expected formulary access
  • Assessed payers’ future priorities in managing and funding treatments for patients in this therapeutic category and identified how this will affect access to the products tested
  • Identified products to prioritize based on payer assessment
Sample Deliverable
Assessment of efficacy, safety and cost attributes identified efficacy attributes as the key value drivers for payers in the category