Evidence-based value and access strategies

Case Study: Due Diligence Assessment

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Compass conducted pricing and market access due diligence of an oncology opportunity in six countries, delivering the final report four weeks after kickoff

A pharma client required evidence-based pricing and access assumptions for its internal valuation model to inform the term sheet

Key Objective:
Provide a solid rationale for pricing and access assumptions in US and EU5 for a new oncology product in development

In-depth interviews with 30 KOLs and payers in 6 countries including US, FR, DE, ES, IT, and UK


  • Identified value drivers and clinical and outcomes studies that will meet Health Technology Assessment needs and drive value
  • Mapped how the payment dynamics in each market will affect access to the product
  • Developed a high-level access strategy
  • Defined a price window for the product and the impact of achievement of endpoints on willingness to pay
  • Price recommendation by market
Sample Deliverable
Assessment of the product by respondent group identified different priorities among stakeholders

Since funding was not recommended in the EU at price points tested, recommendations were provided for additional data to support funding